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Hey all, I'm a veggie in progress (going the slow route this time to guarantee success, but it's DEFINITELY working this time!).

I need some feedback on what I need to pay attention to. For example, I read that I (as a 31 yrF) need 50g protein a day, and I'm not sure I'm getting enough.

I still eat dairy, so got appr. 8g from my cereal milk this morning, and the peanut butter I just had for lunch gives me 7g. But even if I have 2 veggieburgers for dinner (as a newbie, I am still relying heavily on canned/frozen food) that is only 30g which still leaves me short.

I do have one frozen dinner that has 25g protein, but I don't think most of them are like that! What are the best ANYTHING to get protein from?

Also, how much iron do I need daily and where are the best places to get that? As I progress, I am eating Total cereal to make sure I'm covering as many vitamins as possible, but I don't plan to eat it forever.

Also B12......and what else? I have oj with added calcium and vitamin D in the mornings as well.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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