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i can't remember any names off the top of my head (sorry- been away too long!) but i remember seeing a few around in england. i think the bbc good food magazine might do a vegetarian version on occasion - i can't confirm it though.

if you ask someone in charge at the newsagents, they'll have an order book, with a list of every magazine their newspaper and magazine supplier carries. if you ask, they'll probably let you look at it, you'll see what they can get in especially, and hopefully they'll order you copies of those magazines that look good.

other than that, the best thing to do would be to ask in a local health food store, next time you're around one.

if you get really stuck, you can always order the american vegetarian magazine 'vegetarian times', from: and get it mailed to the uk from the states. it costs just under $44 for a subscription of a years worth of magazines, sent to the uk (12 issues) which works out to 23 quid and 15p (ish).... so less than 2 quid a month all in, which doesn't sound bad! a lot of their articles and recipes seem to be on their website, which'll add insight into what the magazine is like, hopefully.
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