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I'm new to veganism and have avoided any vegan cheese unless added to cooked dishes as I don't think any will cut it for me until I am further away from the real thing.

I have, however, tried Cheezly - the melting Mozarella and Edam ones - and the non melting Cheddar and found they are OK as pizza and lasagne toppings and stirred into risottos, pasta bakes etc.

I have also used the tofutti cream cheese and the toffuti slices, and I have liked the taste of dishes with nutritional yeast flakes added. I bought some Parmazano dried flakes months ago and have still only got as far as sniffing them. One day I will pluck up the courage to use them but they smell so foul....

As far as subs for uncooked cheese go, at the moment I am focusing more on hummous, guacamole, veg pates and soya yoghurty type dips to get a creamy texture, and sliced smoked tofu or vegan bacon or deli or cooked cold Frys slicing sausage for something a bit more solid and sliceable for sandwiches. In time I may try some unadulterated vegan cheese but for now I am looking at other options so I don't get put off and tempted back to dairy.

Wish there was a suitable sub for hard boiled eggs though....
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