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I made a mistake. I bought some Dominix Eggplant Meatballs assuming they were vegan (they are vegetarian, so I'm not scarred for life). I screwed up and will check packaging more carefully in the future. This product contains a little bit of cheese, so it's not vegan.

I guess it would be best to write up a review on them since I have tried them. So, here it is.

The bottom line is they aren't very good (my opinion). Compared to Nate's meatballs (which are vegan, btw), these are not as tasty. Nate's has a better flavor and texture. This one was a bit stiffer in texture and lacked the flavor department.

Overall, I truly was not impressed. Vegan or not, Nate's meatballs easily beats them. I don't recommend this product. Buy Nate's instead.

One thing to point out: all three variations of Nate's meatballs seem to taste the same to me. I think they would be better off by either condensing their product line to one product or differentiating them so they are more distinct in flavor. But, in conclusion, any version of Nate's meatballs is a better choice than Dominex's version.

I love Dominex's breaded eggplant. However, they flubbed up this product. First, by not making it vegan. Second, by not making it flavorful or the right texture. Save yourself some money and pass on this one.
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