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Job available mid-April 2007:

Position: On-site Sanctuary Animal Caregiver/Maintenance

Role: Primarily to provide animal care to over 400 non-human primates,

including Japanese snow monkeys and other macaques, baboons and vervets,

at the Animal Protection Institute's Primate Sanctuary in Southwest

Texas. Grounds and enclosure maintenance work is also expected.

Compensation: $15,000 per year; on-site accommodation, including all

utilities, is provided; health insurance and other ancillary benefits

after probationary period.

Closing date: 15th March 2007 or when suitable candidate is found.

Personal Specifications:

We require a committed, reliable, and hard-working individual who is

willing to work outdoors under all weather conditions. Although the work

is physically demanding, it is spiritually rewarding. This is an

exciting opportunity for anyone who has a strong interest in working

directly with non-human primates. Our Sanctuary is unique in that most

of our residents live freely in large, natural enclosures. For those

primates who have been rescued from appalling conditions, watching their

rehabilitation and re-socialization, although a challenge, is

particularly gratifying.

A responsible, conscientious person committed to the well-being of

nonhuman animals.

Experience working with nonhuman animals is preferred.

Experience with the operation of small engine machinery (such as mowers,

trimmers), basic carpentry or similar work requiring manual dexterity

and skills is preferred.

An ability to work on own initiative as well as being part of a team.

The individual must have a US driving license or must obtain one, in

order to drive Sanctuary vehicles for job-related functions.

The Sanctuary is located in a relatively remote part of Texas. The

individual must be self-reliant and prepared to work and live in a

fairly isolated location with high heat and humidity for much of the year.

How to apply:

Send the following:

1) Résumé

2) Three references of people who can vouch for your experience, work

ethic and skills (one of whom should be your current or most recent

employer). Please include E-mail addresses and phone numbers, if available.

To whom and where to send (E-mail is preferred):

Nedim C. Buyukmihci, V.M.D.


[email protected]

If you do not have access to E-mail:

Animal Protection Institute's Primate Sanctuary

PO Box 25

Dilley TX 78017

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My friend worked that exact job after college! She loved it.

Perhaps you could post this in the Texas thread (if it hasn't already been). As far as *I* know there aren't too many of us VBers in central TX. I'm graduating this semester so I'm waaaay to busy for something like this right now.
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