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An estimated 50,000 hens used for egg production were abandoned in Turlock egg farm and left for dead. About one third of the hens starved to death, and by the time officials arrived, many of the surviving hens were then placed in containers and gassed. This apparently happened before animal rescue organizations were ever contacted, but fortunately organizations such as Farm Sanctuary, Animal Place, and Harvest Home were able to secure some of the remaining individuals and move them to different sanctuaries across California. However, a lot of help is still needed, and the rescue groups are looking for both donations and volunteers.

This was posted on the Animal Place website:

We are going through 15 bags of chicken feed a day ($300 a day!) for the more than 3,400 hens in our care (this includes the 3,000 hens from Turlock plus 400 hens from another previous egg farm rescue).
To donate, click here
To volunteer, click here

Since they're going through so many bags of chicken feed, there are two local feed stores that have opened accounts people are able to donate to (accessible through the volunteer link). Animal Place has also referred to this as the largest farm animal rescue in California history, so there are many individuals under their care right now.

Here's a video of the hens both on the farm, and those rescued. I cried through the whole thing, but especially towards the end, where it shows the hens sleeping in the sunlight for the first time, building a nest, and so on. Please share this video with others if you're able to do so.
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