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tryin to get my avatar to work

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Im new, and I wanna have a cool pic. lets see if this makes me legit
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Talk to Michael. He is the man to see for any and all problems related to VB!
I see the pic, you look cool.......more information please ?

Welcome to Veggieboards

(disclaimer: Veggieboard aka VB can be addictive, the members of VB nor VB or it's administrator can not be held responsible in any way)
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hey there!

thanks for the nice words, 1vegan! that avatar stuff was a bit challenging for me!
glad I got it working.

I am so excited about veggie boards. not sure how I feel about the idea of vegan cats and all that, but I'm a vegan for life! I've been vegan for about 3 months (after 7 years vegetarian). its the only way to be!

music I like: pavement, death cab for cutie, modest mouse, gomez, elliot smith, dashboard confessional, stephen malkmus in general, low, portishead, radiohead, talking heads, all the other heads, you know...that stuff.

top three best songs ever:

1. kyrie eleison- mr. mister

2. land down under- men at work

3. the humpty dance- digital underground

I love kitties. Mine just died last tuesday (one week today) so I've been a bit of an emotional zombie. gets better each day, but I feel sorta sick about the fact that I think about getting another one all the time. I dont want my little Tyla to think I forgot her so quick (of course I didnt!) and I definetly dont want to get one only to launch into the depths of rejection cuz it isnt my Tyla boo. Its a dillemna. I'm makin myself wait the appropriate grieving time, but my house is so empty without my best friend.

I'm a speech pathologist at two area elementary schools. one school has your typical speech and language kids. the other is multiple impairments, severe autism, behavior problems, and emotional disturbances. I love my job, but I sometimes find myself in moments where I stop to think "how in the world did I end up here?"javascript:smilie('
') this is typically when I am doing something ridiculous like singing the "snowkey pokey" (thats right folks! this is "you put your mitten in, you put your mitten out....") or on halloween when I came to school dressed as a huge green crayon. its like the talking heads "how did I get here?"

I run a buddhist center in my home and have people over twice a week for meditation. I typically cook for them when they come. Its my main passion in life. I met Lama Ole Nydahl at 17 and have been doing this ever since. My good friend Dylan and I started the first university Diamond Way Center at Univ. of Texas at Austin, and now there is a whole chain of university centers in the U.S. which is very exciting. Our centers function on the basis of idealism and friendship, which is the best way to function!!

I also love nintendo (I'm always a few steps behind so I have an game cube for me). I can kick anyone's ass in THE NEW TETRIS and I do so as often as I can.

I love books and rollerblading and movies. My favorite movie is RUSHMORE. I love cooking vegan food. My specialties include tofu spring rolls with peanut sauce, tofu curry, greek tofu scramble in the morning with hashbrowns, and I'm a smoothie makin ***** any time o' day.

I think that should probably get me good and introduced.

Best wishes!


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Ah, welcome! Sorry to hear about your kitty... always sad when that happens
Hope you have fun times here.
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welcome to VB dakinirawk

wow - we have some similar musical tastes! i love death cab for cutie, they are awesome! i hope they come to europe soon!

enjoy the boards, i'm sure you will
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