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First, congratulations on cutting out dairy!

As to belching, acid seems a little unlikely as a cause or solution, although it's unlikely that ACV would hurt you.

I would think that, with that extreme frequency (it sounds like too much for the gas to be produced in your stomach) and if the burps are odourless, you're probably inadvertently swallowing air. That is, it may be a mechanical malfunction rather than something chemical.

Pay close attention to your swallowing and breathing for a while, and see if you can rule that out. If you try very hard not to swallow any air for a few minutes (although sometimes it's hard to tell when you are) and the burping stops, you may have found the cause. I would imagine it could be from any number of things from breathing through your mouth, chewing gum or habitual mouth movement, some kind of inflammation, to a diaphragm issue.

If you do not know how to belch intentionally by using your diaphragm and breathing into your stomach, you may need to practice that in order to get a better idea of what it feels like to inhale/swallow air into your stomach (that will help you to not do it). The practice can also prevent you from audibly burping by inhaling slightly into your stomach and releasing gradually (you can release any and all pressure without any sound, or with very little sound).
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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