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Tofurky Help???

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I bought a Tofurky Meal on Saturday to cook for Thanksgiving . This evening when I took it out of the Freezer to let it thaw overnight, I noticed that the packaging says to let it thaw for 24 hours. Lunch is at 12:30. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can Thaw my Tofurky in 13 hours instead of 24. The Directions on the package say not to microwave so that is out of the question................ PLease Help
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ok, before anyone flames me for this, yes, i know it is not a safe food practice but...

maybe you could turn your oven on really low and thaw it in there?
maybe set it in a sink full of very hot water(it's wrapped in plastic, right?) and when the water cools, keep changing it out.....
My package says cook it for 2 hours if thawed, and cook it for 3 hrs 15 minutes if frozen.
They may have changed the packaging because I know we ran into this problem last year. I *think* we did what 808 suggested and placed it in water but I'm not positive. I tried calling my mom but my sister's on the internet.
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I did mine today (not allowed to bring Tofurkey to inlaws) and had the same problem. Pulled it out of the freezer at 10am, looked and saw the 48 hour thing. So mine thawed in a pot of water, which I know you're not really supposed to do, but I can't imagine the tofurkey carries the risk of food poisoning like a real one. I cooked it for 2 hours at 300 , and it came out just fine.

edited to add: I stuck mine in a pot of hot water (so I could still use my sink), and I didn't even have to change the water out. 6 hours later it was all the way thawed.
I left my tofurky in th efridge overnight then I Sat it on the counter for two hours, I then filled a large metal bowl with very hot water and Set in on the counter for another hour, it seemed to be thawed and Now I have it in the oven; I hope it turns out okay, I will let everyone know.....
Jennifer!!!! You never let any of us know how it came out, haha.
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