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Originally Posted by karenlovessnow View Post

I've had's very good!
I used to love "olive loaf", which is basically bologna and green olives and pimento, so I make a sandwich with the tofurkey bologna and add chopped pimento stuffed green olives, some onion, lettuce and tomato with vegenaise on nice ciabatta bread, and I'm good to go!!
Oh wow I totally forgot about olive loaf. Loved that stuff.

Originally Posted by sleepydvdr View Post

Oooh, if one of the veg companies were smart, they should market an vegan olive loaf meat. That would be awesome. I'd be all over that.
Hell yeah!

Originally Posted by Puppet Master View Post

I haven't seen the bologna one yet, but I've been looking. When I first became a vegetarian, LiteLife was the only thing around, so I practically lived on that brand when it came to sandwiches for lunch and hotdogs when grilling for years, so it'll be nice to try out a new 'bologna'.
I tried the 'roast beef' one that came out the same time as the bologna, but I didn't like it.
Lightlife had a lot of different things back then that I really miss now. One of my favorites was their pepperoni that came in big sticks. I always snacked on their sliced pepperoni, cheese and crackers.
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