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Tofu scramble with tempe bacon

one pound tofu

onions or scallions

any diced veggies you wish such as

celery, green pepper, diced tomato

almond or cashew milk ( I find that cashew milk yeilds a richer flavor)

tempe "bacon"

Whole wheat bread

vegan "butter"

olive oil





corn starch or flour


Saute diced veggies, basil, oregano, salt and pepper until tender in olive oil. Drain tofu and remove as much moisture as possible, to keep the scramble from being runny. In a mixing bowl dice tofu, and then mash with a fork. Don't mash too much, leave chunks to emulate scrambled eggs. This took me a couple of times to get the right consistancy. Add almond or cashew milk. Do so sparingly, as the mixture can easily get too runny quickly . Add tumeric (for color) and corn starch or flour to thicken and hold mixture together. Add to the veggies and cook on a medium heat until the consistancy of scrambled eggs (whatever that means). Don't cook on too high heat or too long, or it will turn out runny. Either broil or pan fry the tempe bacon. Spread vegan butter on slices of whole wheat bread and broil until golden brown. Serve scramble with toast, "bacon", and sliced tomato.


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Thanks for sharing the recipe. My family mostly makes a tofu cake with strawberries. My grandma bought us a TofuBud Tofu Press - Tofu Presser for Firm or Extra Firm Tofu - Tofu Maker with Water Drainer Made from Durable Sustainable Materials - Tofu Recipe Book Included: Baking Tools & Accessories: for a special occasion last year. Since then, we have used to make different tofu recipes. Now my father and I might try this recipe, taking into consideration that next week is the birthday of our grandpa. He is an enjoyer of Asian food, and we understand from where comes this passion for their food. We might try it too but going to let him enjoy the food that he likes the most.
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