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Originally Posted by angie54321 View Post

Vegan....vegetarian.....strict vegetarian....they're just labels. Don't get hung up on them.
I would heavily disagree here. I think, in many contexts, it is important to describe your diet accurately - for instance, on a forum with a number of veg*ns, in which case, distinctions do matter somewhat, or on a forum discussing recipes. On the other hand, if discussing diet with a group of omnivores who would be confused by the distinction, whom you are very unlikely to be given food by, it matters much less.

That said, I think this manner of "it's just a label!" is where the initial confusion behind this thread stems from. Vegans don't eat honey. It's part of what the word means. But, strict vegetarians who do eat honey will often self-identify as 'vegan', which just confuses people. It's like pescatarians calling themselves vegetarians, a situation which has on more than one occasion resulted in a vegetarian being served fish. yes, I very much appreciate the OPs decision to refer to himself as a strict vegetarian.

Originally Posted by kasandra View Post

I have been having honey in my tea but you guys really convinced me not to have it anymore.
I've found that butterscotch syrup can taste a lot like honey.
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