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Hey everyone...

Okay Im just wondering what a healthy day to day diet is for a vegan to be totally healthy...?

So if you dont mind posting some of the things you all eat during the day to get ALL the nutrients you need...

Thanks heaps....

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I currently eat a partly raw vegan diet. The following menu supplies me with at least or more than nearly every vitamin, mineral, protein, and fat I need, at around 2000 calories. The only thing I do not get from this menu is B 12.


smoothie - 1 lg banana, 1 c each blueberries and kale, 1 tbls each ground flax meal and chia seeds, water

2 pieces sprouted seven grain toast

2 tbls almond butter mixed with 2 tbls coconut oil


blended salad - 1 cup each broccoli, tomato, and carrot, 2 cups spinach, 1 clove garlic, 1 tbls chickpea miso, water

2 pieces rye flatbread

or the bean/grain from previous nights' dinner


1 c white bean gratinwith cashew cream sauce

1 c brown rice

1 cup sauteed swiss chardin olive oil

If I snack during the day

The big nutrients that everyone seems to think vegans can't get enough of are calcium, protein, and B12. We can only get B12 froma supplement or from fortified nutritional yeast. But protein an calcium are easy! The bolded words are foods with calcium while underlining indicates protein.

So besides eating like this most days I also take a multi vitamin supplement (just because I'm nursing, I switch to just a B12 when he weans). I also take a DHA supplement. Some people cannot convert the ALA they get from Omega 3 efa rich foods like flax to DHA, so I take it just in case.

So, imo essential foods for a healthy vegan diet - dark leafy greens, legumes, nuts, whole grains, healthy fats/oils, source of Omega 3 efa, B 12 supplement

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I am a very new vegan but here goes anyway LOL


two pieces homemade toast one with marg and jam one with nut butter

piece if fruit


leftovers from previous night


nuts or fruit


grain with bean dish


dessert of cookie or something yummy

sometimes some popcorn or more nuts before bed

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Here's what I ate yesterday (so I could give a complete day's menu):

Breakfast: oatmeal with banana, walnuts, flax meal and cinnamon

Lunch: leftover stirfry (eggplant, bok choy, tofu, onion, carrot, red bell pepper, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, garlic, tamari, ginger) over brown rice

Dinner: grilled tempeh with orange, red and yellow bell pepper, onion, zucchini and yellow squash in a delicious marinade

Snacks: 2 clementines, nuts

I cook a lot and make a variety of things, so my menu today is a little different, and in a few days will be completely different. I tend to make two or three batches of different things for lunch and dinner on the weekend (soups, stirfries, pasta dishes, etc.), and then eat leftovers throughout the week.

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Typical (healthy-ish)day's eating

Fortified cereal with soya yougurt(its better than milk cos the cereal is crunchy, not soggy!), sprinkle of sprouted flaxseed, glass of fruit juice

Lunch wholemeal sandwich with hummus and salad, oat biscuits, fruit

snack, nuts or seeds and fruit

Dinner, tofu curry or stirfry with mixed veg, with brown rice or quinoa

snack on peanut butter and toast

(for an unhealthy day's eating add vegan cupcakes and chips to that...or not!

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Wow thanks heaps you guys...

Everyone has a great diet which is a great help..

And thnaks for that link i will take a look...

So basically it all comes down to EATING every veggi you can to stay healthy.
And eat well every day.


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Sigh, I always have good intentions but my 3 kids, ill health and various other things always seem to get in the way
But yes, time to start I think, after breakfast I'll work on lunch which is normally a muffin (the toast kind not the sweet kind) with peanut butter and a pikelet (mini pancake). Dinner is fine, my best meal of the day! The other 2 are a big issue me thinks.
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