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tips on stopping screeching budgies?

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I knew when I adopted my budgies that they were little noise makers, but when they screech like bloody maniacs at 5am on a Saturday Morning, It gets just a bit irritating. Any tips on how to stop the madness???
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Do you put a cover over their cage at night? When I had budgies I did this, and they wouldn't start squeaking until I took the cover off.

I love budgies, got any pics?
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Yeah, putting a cover over the cage usually calms them down.

But if you are awake, screeching back at them is very effective.
It makes them very confused and quiets them for a while.
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yeah, I do have a cover on the cage, but they have a little conversation with each other anyways...I'll try screeching back at them though...
Lol. The thought of screeching back at them is kind of funny...

I have this problem with my cockatiel too. The second I take the cover off, he screeches. Its a problem since I live in an aparment building. The only time he stops screeching is when I take him out of the cage and pet him. Maybe your bungies want some more attention? More toys? They may be bored. After I have my bird out of the cage for awhile and then put him back in, he quiets down.
Put a radio on a timer to turn on when they ususally wake up. Have it tuned to a nice classical station. My birds enjoy the music, and their vocalizations are musical, rather than screeching.
ours used to sing along with the radio too, that's a good idea. is the cover you're using thick enough to block the light out? for ours we had this dark brown case that blocked the light, when it's dark they usually just go right to sleep.

or when they got to screechy in the day/evening, we'd let them out of the cage to fly around. usually they fluttered around the house screeching for a couple minutes til they tired themselves out and went back to the cage. then they'd pretty much just sit there and pant for a while
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I have known this caged budgie madness many years ago, but just cannot bide budgies (or any bird ) in such restricting environs


Please attempt to try Mouses idea of the radio timer or something

with some kind of lightweight classical or similar... that teaches the birds to alter their screeching behaviour into something more mood enhancing and serene.


They belong in avaries, not cages please!!.
Well, Im sorry but they have to be in the cage most of the day until I am home to let them out in the afternoon and it is a very large cage. I will try putting on some meditation music for them, It has lots of different relaxing sounds on it.
Meditation music sounds like it might do your budgies some good Little_Soprano !
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are they screeching when you're in the house with them and they KNOW it???? Budgies (and most hookbills) are "flock birds" and see humans as members of their flock and will call (ie screech) to their flock members to keep in contact....especially when they leave the room. Music can help with entertaining them when you're not home but flock calling will not go away. My Quaker (who only uses her cage to eat in BTW) will leave her stand to hunt out me or my fiancee (her 2nd choice). We had to go as far as to install a shower perch to avoid CQUS (Crushed Quaker Underfoot Syndrome)
They do screech alot less when I am in the room...And, my budgies LOVE the meditation music! I like to play them sounds of the amazon because their is lots of different birds singing in the background, it sounds like an aviary. Sorry, I dont have any pics of them, but they are just regular blue stripes...thanks you guys, for all your advice!
I'm glad to hear that things are working out better. It sounds as though your birds are happier!
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my cockatiels love the theme to Mash and the X-Files theme song.
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