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tips on saving money at the grocery store

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just wondering if anyone has any tips on saving at the grocery store. i've realized i spend way too much. I want to cut back as i'm saving for a house but i do not want my health affected as a result.

so, any money savings tips out there that helped any of you?
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Check the flyers and shop the sales.

Use coupons. Many of the larger chain grocery stores DOUBLE coupons under $1.

Best deal is to use coupons on the store sales!

Check the clearance area, for produce that's on it's way out (ripe fruit/veggies that need to be used up quickly. Bake with the bananas, zucchini, freeze extra veggies, whatever.) Also look for "day old" bread.

Stay away from processed foods and prepared meals - those are usually the most expensive.
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- Pick dried beans and lentils over processed soy "mock meats".

- Use the grocery store circular and base your menus for the week around ingredients that are cheap.

- Keep a well-stocked pantry and replace often-used staples when they're on sale.

- Freeze produce that you don't intend to use immediately.

- Keep a "leftovers" list on the front of the fridge so you don't waste as much food.

- Buy dry goods in bulk when you can.

- Grow your own vegetables and herbs.

- Make your own bread, tofu, and soymilk.
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Every major grocery store has their weekly sales ad on their website. Definitely check them for deals. Also, you could sign up for something like It's free and let's you find deals at various stores.

Whenever there's a great deal, I stock up. Green beans go on sale 2/$1.00 all the time and once in a while, they are 3/$1.00.

If you are going to make something in large quantities (like a big pot of chili), get one of the huge 6lb cans of black or pinto beans. At my Compare Foods, they cost $4.19.

Also, check out ethnically owned stores. Chinese stores are usually super cheap as well as Mexican owned stores. A pack of tortillas in fancy stores like Harris Teeter can cost upwards of $4.00. In a small Mexican store, they are usually around $1.20. I also like to check out stores like Big Lots. Their food is usually very low priced. It is a closeout store, so watch those expiration dates. And I like going to TJ Maxx for expensive items like quality olive oil and maple syrup. Although still a little expensive, most of their food items costs half as much as it does in health food stores.
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Bring a calculator when you shop. Often it's hard to tell which size is the cheapest by weight. Some stores label the price per volume, which is awesome. Even bulk bins aren't always as cheap as packaged goods.

Also, if there's something non-perishable or with a long shelf life that you use a lot of (eg canned beans, rice, pasta), ask the store if they will offer you a case discount. When I worked at a grocery store we gave a 10% discount per case.
If there's a really good sale on a particular staple item, buy several at the cheaper price and then freeze or store the extras until you need to use them. Don't shy away from store brands if they're cheaper, in my experience they taste just as good as the name brand or even better. Scope out the lowest-priced fruits, fresh and frozen. And at least for me, always stick to my list!
Keep your weekly menu flexible, be ready to change things up a bit based on sale items.
Coupons....I heart them and always use them....I match them with sales, clearence ect and stock up....

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Buy only what you need. And eat everything you buy. If you throw away good food you're wasting money.
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