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Hey there!

I'm Geraldine, I've been vegetarian for a few months now, but I have decided to go vegan.
I've been doing some research and most sources say that you will probably lose some weight when transitioning.
Now I'm already skinny and when I went vegetarian I started losing weight, so I am scared that when I go vegan I will lose even more weight... I try to eat a lot and also high calorie foods like bananas, dried fruits, mangos, rice...
But still it is not enough to keep my weight at an acceptable level. I started counting my calorie intake to make sure I ate enough and I didn't, so I tried eating more but I feel so full and bloated then. I have to force myself and then I get stomach aches. I'm planning to see a doctor, but at the moment I have exams so I don't have time to go now. Do you guys have any tips? :nerd:


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Hi Geraldine!

I used to be really underweight, but have actually put quite a bit on as a result of becoming a dairy free vegetarian. I still eat eggs occasionally but with a view to giving them up and undertaking a full vegan lifestyle. This is what has worked for me...

I eat good portions of wholegrains (rice, quinoa, pasta, millet, oats etc) daily

I eat lentils and beans pretty much daily

Lots of nuts and seeds- these will up your calorie intake and help you gain

Eat avocadoes on toast, crackers, as an accompaniment to chilli or just on its own!

Fruit, fresh and dried

Small helpings of coconut which you can add to breakfast

Use a small amount of oil for cooking - olive, coconut, flaxseed

More specifically, I eat a large breakfast normally consisting of soaked (raw) oats in plant milk, with toppings of nuts and/or seeds, coconut, chopped fruit and a spoon of nut butter i.e almond or hazelnut or cashew. You can also make a museli with nuts, dried fruit, seeds, coconut and stir it all into soya yogurt. If I don't eat a large breakfast I find it impossible to make up the calories from the rest of my meals.So I really recomend starting your day with a good breakfast and eat nuts! Aine Carlin's books have great ideas for calorie laden breakfasts.

For the rest of the day, what works best for me is eating two average size meals rather than a small lunch and large dinner. It's different for everyone, but I can't eat sandwiches and I have blood sugar issues so it just makes more sense. Some ideas are...

Make a pesto using spinach, chopped nuts, basil, garlic, lemon, olive oil and use it as a base for pasta or potatoes and add green beans.

Make risottos using rice, any sort of bean and lots of veg, then top with chopped nuts or seeds

Use lentils in pies, spag bol, lasagne etc

Lots of beans and lentis in chilli

Things like risottos can be heated up on the same day if kept refridgerated at work, or you can make beans in a sauce and put in wraps to take to work with you, with nuts as a snack or any of the following...

Snacks can include..

Chopped fruit with a tablespoon of seeds (sunflower or pumpkin) with a bit of coconut cream stirred in
Nut butter on toast
Plain nuts
Avocado on toast/cackers
Dried fruit

Basically eat grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruit and a small of oil and/or coconut daily. Experiment with what works for you, but you may find that two decent meals are better than having a lunch or dinner. What matters is eating calorie dense food and snacks.

Re the bloating, that can happen if you're body isn't used to eating a lot of fibre. I hope that is all that is happening for you. But you may need to experiment with eating smaller meals during the day instead. Everyone is so different so it's hard to know. I hope you find some answers soon.

Hope this helps!

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Nut butters, medjool dates (try those two in smoothies), pasta with tomato sauce, potatoes...
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