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Will you help ban the farrowing crate?

Join Viva!'s day of action against Marks and Spencer

If you have never campaigned before this is a good starting point. Get in touch with Viva! if you have queries.


National Day of Action for Pigs

Saturday, 17 March 2007

Join us on the day before Mothers Day, when hundreds of Viva! supporters will distribute specially prepared flyers outside Marks & Spencer stores up and down the country. We are calling on the chain to make Mothers Day a little more bearable for many of their sows, incarcerated in metal cages for weeks on end despite more humane options being available.

The farrowing crate is a metal-barred cage in which a pregnant sow is locked a week before she gives birth and up to four weeks afterwards the cage is only inches bigger than her body. M&S have already made some concessions to animal welfare by ensuring that the meat they sell as fresh pork comes from pigs that were farrowed outside. Yet what their PR machine doesnt tell their customers is much of the other pig meat they sell still comes from pigs born indoors in the farrowing crate.

Despite M&S assurances to their customers that: We know its as important to you as it is to us that our animal welfare standards are second to none., this image conscious company still uses an instrument of farmed animal torture so barbaric it should be condemned to the history pages.

Help us change their mind. Read all about the Day of Action and find out how to order your free campaigns materials. If you cant make it on the day, we have plenty of other ways to keep the pressure on everything from our 1-click campaigner virtual postcard to M&S to plenty of other quick and easy (but potentially powerful) ways on how to fight for British pigs!
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