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Hi Everyone...

I've been lurking on this board for months now, learning much from everyone and trying to get over my shyness at participating. I am married with two stepdaughters, one cat, Chloe-The-Killer-Cat, and two turtles (about 15 years old now) whose names are Ike & Tina Turtle (but we found out a few years ago from the vet that Tina is really a Tino!!). I have been vegan since May 2006; my family is not vegan but since I do not cook with (or use) any animal products/ingredients, they have adjusted and in fact quite enjoy my cooking. My stepdaughters finally think I'm really really cool for being vegan!!! Living the vegan lifestyle can be a somewhat lonely existence but I do use every opportunity to talk about it with anyone who is willing to listen. Many are still not ready to listen/hear, some are, and an odd few are willing to try my cooking. I don't make any attempt to discuss veganism, animal welfare or environmental issues with those who are obviously closed mineded about veganism et al, but everybody who knows me knows my stand on the issues, and anybody coming to my home know they will find cruelty free everything. Those who try to bait me, well, I ignore them because the baiting is simply an attempt to push my buttons rather than a genuine interest to learn about animal welfare/veganism/environment. I find that I get better results when I simply invite people to my home for dinner; once they tell me how much they enjoyed the meal, then I tell them what the ingredients were...sometimes it works and we have a good chat about it, other times it does not. (That is how I got my hubby interested in vegetables and couscous and legumes, etc!!) I don't believe in wasting my breath on those who will not listen and are bent on arguing my belief system.

Now I'm drawing a blank, so I'm going to sign off for now; I expect that it will now be much easier for me to jump into discussions in the future...


Molly W
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