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Okay, time for the ONLY beauty contest that really matters! The Max Power Pet Pageant!

That's right, the MP3!!!!

"Happiest guy ever" award goes to this fella

Award for "I would like to hang out with the most with you" goes to This sleepy guy

The Mr. or Ms. Congeniality award winner with their well-earned winnings...

And a tie for the "This is just plain funny" award between these lunaticsand this crazy guy!

Feel free to make up your own awards and winners! The MP3 is about SHARING!!!

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Another great thread idea from Max!

These don't all have to do with beauty, but here are some of my faves.

Best smile goes to Khan (shewolf)

Sweetest face goes to Lucky (hopi100)

Best kitten-sitter award goes to Gavin (Erin)

Most courageous goes to Jubie (Melafina)

Looks most like a fictional character goes to Poco (Tiggzie)

Carries weight the best goes to KylieMo (Morningstarr)

Prettiest eyes goes to Ashley (Erin)

Biggest suck up goes to Brownfish (Thalia)

Most content goes to Tuffie (silverc)

Laziest goes to my family

Most majestic goes to CC (Erin)

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Woo!! Tuffy won something!! Go Tuffy!!

Here are some of my favourites, and I am going to shamelessly steal Erin's format

Best little sneak - Felix (Herself)

Best "I'm cute and I know it!" expression - Barkely (BigWaxJesus)

Best "Laugh it up, human, as soon as you put down that camera I'm going to scratch your eyes out!" expression - Mr. Smith (The Machine)

Award for pic that makes me say "AWWWWWWWW!" every time I see it - Miles and kitten (Sindy)

Best Camouflage - Stevie (Morningstarr)

Award for being so darn cute that he doesn't even look real - Poco (Tiggzie)
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