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What a tough job, what a hard decision. How do you protect the moose and caribou as well as the wolf? It sounds like other large predators (probably various bear?) have been captured and moved? That is so much tougher to do with the wolf. And the wolf reproduces so quickly.

I am so for the wolf packs in Yellowstone but that is a small island of land and the wolves are reproducing very fast. There are sheep herds surrounding Yellowstone whose shepherds want the wolves controlled, how should they be satisfied? I just read that the surviving calf rates among the Yellowstone elk is something like 12 calves for every 100 live births because of the wolves (I need to check the number but that seems about right) what should be done to protect the elk? The problem is similar I am guessing to Alaskan caribou and moose but I would think that there is a larger chunk of land for them to roam.

I personally am so opposed to aerial shooting, and it sounds like "private citizens" can get a permit to shoot the wolves but are not doing so. (What is the difference between a "hunter" and a "private citizen" with a hunting permit?)

When you write to the governor what alternative are you suggesting? What are you willing to do to advocate for the wolf and the caribou and moose?
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