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A dehydrated squirrel monkey died at a Harvard Medical School research facility in December -- the third monkey to die at the New England Primate Research Center in 19 months -- and animals there also suffered a fracture and other injuries over the past three months, according to a federal inspection report released today.

The US Department of Agriculture cited Harvard for three serious incidents, which occurred after the medical school had responded to a series of other problems by replacing the centers leadership. Harvard could face fines or receive a warning because of the failures to comply with federal animal welfare regulations.

Harvard officials and the Agriculture Department report, posted on the agencys website, attributed the December 27 death and the non-fatal dehydration of a second monkey to employees failure to check a water dispensing system that had malfunctioned sometime after both monkeys arrived at the center Dec. 7.

Another squirrel monkeys leg was fractured in January, when it was caught under a door. And a group of rhesus macaques escaped from their pen in December, resulting in an injury to one monkeys foot.

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Kinda related to the topic ...

I once had dinner with a chap who worked as a monkey keeper at Porton Down in the UK.

(Porton down was notorious for using animals for miltary experiments at the time).

He actualy loved the monkeys and I couldn't understand how he could bare to do the job he did. The explanation he came up with made some sense though.

Basicaly he reasoned that it if no one who loved the monkeys was willing to do the the job then the care of them would fall to people who couldn't give a damn. Or worse, even.

Maybe no one who loves the monkeys being willing (possibly just not allowed, mind) to take the jobs as monkey keepers is what happened here?
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