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I know that someone out there has my portfolio and for some reason refused to give it bac and I knwo they refused my offer of a $100 reward for some odd reason. I figured whoever got it would jump at the chance to sell it back to me.

So I'm thinking of making the best offer I can in my new get portfolio back campaign, offering up my computer up as a reward. I just need a way to transfer all my personal stuff somewhere else ( maybe the ole lappy will do but it's not working very well.). Losing my computer will be less of career setup then losing my portfolio, plus the computer is replacable while the portfolio is not.

It will be a big risk since if my portfolio isn't accepted then I won't earn back the money needed to replace my computer and I'll have to go without. Sometimes you gotta make hard choices..I wish my tv wasn't so old or I'd offer up that.

All I can think of is if the horse is gone, the stable isn't needed anymore. If you can figure out that metaphore means good for you.
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