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They're real, and they're spectacular: The Seinfeld Appreciation Thread

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The genius of this show is that they never tried to make you like the characters. Everything in life relates to either this show or The Simpsons. Post your favorite Seinfeld moments! There are so many but here are a few to get the party started:

George: Your birthday is a bad got everyone in your house, and you're thinking, "These are my friends?!"

Jerry: Every day is my birthday.

-"The Kiss Hello," Season 3 (the one where Kramer puts up the pictures of everybody in the apartment building)

-The one where Jerry thinks his dentist converted to Judaism for the jokes.

Elaine: That is so true! Although one wonders if "War and Peace"

would have been as highly acclaimed as it was if it was published under its original name: "War - What Is It Good For?"

Lippman: What?

Elaine: Yes, Mr. Lippman. It was his mistress who insisted he call it "War and Peace." "War - What Is It Good For...absolutely nothin!" That's the song that they got from Tolstoy.

Lippman: I'm sorry, it's just her sense of humor.

-"Not that there's anything wrong with that."
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Where George is explaining to the firemen and his (George's) girlfriend why he ran out of the apartment that caught fire first, pushing the kids and old lady out of the way..... that scene has me in stitches.

I can't remember the episode at all, but Jerry says something to George and George wants him to repeat it. So George makes a "back up" signal with his hands and says "Beep... beep... beep... back it up", and Jerry looks confused and says "Beep beep beep???".

And I love Elaine's "NNNNEXT!" to the Soup Nazi at the end of that episode.

There are many more hilarious scenes (not that I can remember).
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