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From: Lauren P

Sent: Tuesday, December 05, 2006 1:08 PM

Subject: Vegan Buddies Needed

I've gotten permission to send a blurb about the Vegan Buddies Project to the list. This is an amazing project that matches up vegan mentors with people who are trying to go vegan. They need vegans from across the country to sign up, and currently have 2 people in Tuscaloosa, AL & Denver, NC who would like to go vegan, but need buddies. If you know anyone is those areas, or you would like to sign up to be a buddy in your area, please get in touch with Claudia, the organizer, at the project's myspace page:



The Vegan Buddies Project is an exciting venture that has been created to provide all the support people need to go vegan.

Those of us who already are vegan know that one of the most valuable resources is a friend - someone to tip you off as to which is the best soy ice cream, where to find stylish non-leather shoes, and most importantly, how the heck to make tofu taste good.

We know there are lacto-ovo-veggies out there, and even carnivores, who are interested, compassionate and ripe for "converting*", but who are floundering in a sea of animal-eaters and haven't quite managed to kick their meat/egg/dairy habit for good!

The Vegan Buddies are here to help!! *And yes, we said "converting"! It's true! We're here to lure people into the wonderful world of veganism, we're going to make it so fantastic they will never want to leave, we'll have them worshipping at the Church of Seitan in no time!

Please join us in making this life-saving project work!

If you're vegan, sign up to be a big brother or sister and we will pair you up with an aspiring vegan in your area. All you need do is be there to answer their questions, offer moral support and show the newbies how fun, easy, convenient, healthy and cool it is to be vegan!

If you are a lacto-ovo vegetarian or meat-eater, drop us a line with your info and location and we'll hook you up with a Vegan Buddy. Your new best friend will generally help you on your way to a more compassionate, ethical and healthy lifestyle and, if friendship blooms--which we hope it will!--might even take you on a trip to your local health food store and supermarket to show you what's available.

We need participants all over the globe, especially in places where vegans are few and far between.

Vegan Buddies needed in Tuscaloosa, AL & Denver, NC

Hi Vegan Buddies!!!

We need vegan mentors in Tuscaloosa, AL and Denver, NC. If you live in these places, or within, say, an hour of them, please get in touch. Wannabe-vegans urgently need your help and support!

If you can forward this message, along with some info about the Vegan Buddies project, to any e-lists, newsgroups, message boards or other networking sites that you ar emembers of, that would be great.

Thank you



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