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The other thread had me thinking about the State Fair.<br><br>
Its awful. I saw clips on the news of them loading up the cows with these taser looking things and cramming them into a truck- seriously a super large number of cows for the truck were squeezed in there while the yokel farmer proceeded to do an interview about the different prizes/ competitions he is going for.<br>
I bet the audience didn't see the cows getting schlepped onto Starvation-Dehydration Express, they were watching the farmer on the screen.<br><br>
I bet before I was vegan I was watching the farmer on the screen and thinking about fried dough.<br><br>
Now that I know better, It makes my tummy churn with thoughts of deep fried twinkies, corn dogs on a stick, and oily loaded chili fries.<br><br>
How are your State Fairs going?? (besides stage falling and devestation) Ours is almost over- I can't bring myself to go- I will end up with pigs and goats in my living room after I saved them. I hope nobody dies on a ride that flings them around in circles and is clearly held together with duct tape. Sometimes that happens too.<br><br>
I wish I knew more vegans- maybe we could protest!
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