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anybody else in?>
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Originally Posted by Tofu-N-Sprouts View Post

He got me a webcam for Christmas...

But yeah..... I'm definitely back in the club too ('till April anyway... ) How DO the rest of you long-distance folks handle the "in-between" times?
My boyfriend just left on monday... I bought a bag of jelly beans and ate them all when I got home that night.

I just do a lot of work and talk to him as much as possible on msn, webcams and msn audio stuff. I hate msn really, but without it we'd be lost because long distance calls are way too expensive to do all the time. I find it's doable as long as I know when I'm gonna see him next... I just booked my tickets for going to Europe with him in April
Gonna go to the UK and Italy! I've never been before, so it ought to be great.
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A week and a half left in the club for me
I'm back in again four weeks later, but a lovely month it shall be.
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I'm counting down 6.5 weeks. Then I move in with my boyfriend in London and (with luck) will never be sexually frustrated again! Or at least for a good long while. We'll see how that works out
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