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The Sexually Frustrated Club

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anybody else in?>
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I am in
I think the worst about it is that I know for a fact I won't be getting any for at least another 1 or 2 months. Sigh.

This is off topic, but I love your avator/picture thing, blueplasticstraw
Originally Posted by abc123 View Post

It's the intimacy and the hugs that im missing. Can you say I'm intimacy frustrated??
Yeah I think that's what I miss more than anything. Right now I'm too tired to do anything physical but I wish someone were here that I could sleep beside and cuddle with *sighs*
I could leave if I wanted...but...booty calls don't appeal to me anymore. I want a real relationship first...but that won't be for a while yet, so I must suffer for the rest of eternity, knowing that it is so close, and yet so far *sigh*
Ahhhh it's horrriiiblleee....I am afraid to go out, or I'll jump the bones of the first (probably dirty) guy who hits on
On a similar note, there's also the frustration of having someone in your life who wants to have sex with you, but doesn't have any feelings for release from frustation is a possibility, but at the price of becoming someone's ****-buddy, which is really bad for you..or at least, it is really bad for me (emotionally, mentally).
I need cuddle with!! I miss it...but I have NO ONE!! *cries*
Sigh...I'm back in the club

I like a guy right now...I honestly don't think it will go anywhere, so I haven't tried. It would make things really weird if I did, because he is my roommate's good friend and every week or so, we'll all go out and he'll come back here to sleep. A cute boy sleeping in my living room. I want to jump him. Damn it. But that's okay, I bet I can think of a way to tempt him. *evil grin* this point I don't care about sex, I just want something....Anything! Someone kiss me!!!!!
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Presuming that you're >= 18,
22, and single
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I'm out!!!!!! (for now!)
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I'm still here...I can't even concentrate on studying cuz all I can think about is sex, is sooo sad, lol. I did actually have a chance to last night, but he is a jerk who only wants to use me for sex, and I don't want that, so I said no...I am so close and yet so far! Damn it!
speaking of good sex...can't remember the last time I had that. Almost a year, I think. Meaningless sex doesn't feel good to me, at least not afterwards, so I have avoided it. I don't really miss sex anymore. I am more emotionally/romantically frustrated than anything else. At this point I would feel happy just to hold hands with someone who likes me for me and isn't an *******.
I need sex!!!! Right NOW!!!

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Originally Posted by skylark View Post

Can you wait while I call up Orlando Bloom and instruct him to go over to your place? Or will he find you dissolved into a puddle on the floor, so he just shouldn't bother?
Johnny Depp would be better
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Originally Posted by ~Brandon View Post

Best part of that song, IMO, is:

But the question is, was Marvin advocating phone sex, or booty calls?
I think he was advocating booty calls. But how does he know that she'll be there for him when he calls? personally I'd be insulted if a guy just expected me to be waiting by the phone for him. Pfft! Also, if she'll make a booty call for him, what makes him think she isn't already gettin busy? (with someone else?)
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I could have got out of the club the other night but really, it wasn't worth it. i want the emotional aspect that goes with it. Things look promising for me so far but it's gonna take time. It's almost making it more frustrating. I'm still in!
I'm so close and yet so far

I've got my third date with this guy I like this coming weekend. I think we'll probably mess around but I don't want to have sex with him, even though I do want to. I don't want to rush into things.

ETA: I should try the 'x' thing next time I want to be thought of like crazy. hehehe. x.

(just testing!)
I'm going to be in this club for a long time.
Originally Posted by else View Post

*Joins the club*

I really can't wait to move to the city ><

I live in this TINY town with 2,100 people and our school only has ~500 students, only two guys are out here - ones a HUGE prick and the others in this long distance relationship. I personally don't like long distance relationships :/ Been in a couple and they've ended up horribly so never again lol.
You could always hit on the long-distance relationship guy and convince him long distance relationships just don't work
okay i am just kidding but really, i sometimes feel tempted to try and sabatoge someone's relationship if i want him and think he's with someone not as umm compatable as myself. did i just say that out loud?

so i will be in this club for a long time. my romantic prospects have all disappeared and I haven't found any new ones yet. I think the last guy to express interest in me was someone from work but i'm just not going to go there. why is it always guys from work who hit on me??
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