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anybody else in?>
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Can I be VP? Assuming someone has already taken the position of Pres?
Soo...who in the club is going to see The 40 year old virgin next week?

lalalalal....<<<is awaiting going back to school so she might find prince charming
Originally Posted by anthony11 View Post

Ya know, Wedding Crashers surprised me as being better than expected,

but this flick .... after seeing the trailer, even a monster bucket o popcorn can't draw me to it.
Are you kidding? I want to go just to see him get his chest waxed.
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Originally Posted by Exitof99 View Post

Alas, the club is still hoping!

I've got a friend who I can blow off steam with at anytime, and have a month ago, but it is far from what I really want.

My biggest frustration is finding a like-minded girl who is also veggie. There are two girls that I've been playful with for a while and the attraction is there, but neither are true vegetarians. I've decided not to ever hook up with a non-veggie, but there just aren't enough veggie girls!

Then there is a veggie girl that I'm possibly interested in, but she is in Europe...


Yeah, I agree with some of the other posts. I really could care less about meaningless sex at this point in my life, been there done that.
But if you found a NON veggie girl and convinced her to give up meat then it'd be more AWESOME because there'd be another vegetarian in the world and you wouldn't have to limit your choices so much!
Originally Posted by Exitof99 View Post

No chance in that. I will never force someone to be someone they aren't. It's not worth it in the long run, from my experience. There are veggie girls out there, but I have to expand my search beyond my local area to find a good match.

Too many times I've seen it happen when you first start seeing someone, they go out of their way to make their partner happy, only to change revert in time when they take the other forgranted.

I've explained it this way, you can never claim ownership of someone else, they are always their own person, and it's dangerous to think otherwise. That's were you get pyschos that assume they can take advantage, can make demands, and if things end that they have the right to pester, harrass, or even stalk.

Actually, I could reference each time I've heard 'Oh, I've thought about being vegetarian' when I'm getting friendly with a girl, but that is a turn off to me. Either decide to do it for yourself, or you are being manipulative and dishonest.
Sorry, shouldn't have phrased my post in such a way. What if you met a person who had the moral standing to become a vegetarian but just hadn't thought about it? I convinced my sister to go vegetarian, but I don't think I changed who she was by it. I moreso presented her with information that swayed her into making the decision I guess, but it was still by my persuation that she made the jump.

I would never suggest 'forcing' someone to change, because as you say, they'd probably just change back after the whole 'introduction' period.
I don't think I've ever kissed a veg*n. At least not while I've also been a vegan.

Actually, I just remembered I have kissed a vegetarian but she was a girl and it was to get beer for our guy friends, so it doesn't really count.
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IIIIIIIII want a la la.....

Actually, I think I just want sleep
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