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anybody else in?>
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I haven't had sex in a couple months, not finding it particularly frustrating yet. I will let you know when I do.
Originally Posted by Gnome Chomsky View Post

I have exited this club.
Oh yeah, me too.
Originally Posted by Tofu-N-Sprouts View Post

Boys, boys... that's all the information you're going to leave us with? Details man... inquiring minds (Ok... frustrated minds) want to know...
In case this wasn't clear, we didn't have sex with each other.

Thats all the details you're getting from me at this point.
Originally Posted by Ex-vegan View Post

To everyone here who is complaining about being a member of this club, why don't you just switch off your computer .... NOW! ... and go out (anywhere). You're not going to find someone at home, are you?
What about the people who post from work? Wouldn't it be inappropriate to leave work to try to get some ass?
Originally Posted by Trueveggie14 View Post

you're not just grabbing the first dirty martini you see at the bar.
This is what I did. Literally.
Okay there are like 5 certainties in the world.

1. death

2. taxes

3. no 25 year old is the top sales rep at a company I have heard of

4. no sales rep makes a million dollars a year, in fact neither does any sales manager and I am guessing that you could count the the number of people who are VP of sales and make that much on your fingers.

I'm not sure where you got this information but his salary and his sales performance wouldn't be on the company website soooooo

I would say you are being played
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I do a little SAS and as little VBA as I can get away with. I know. poseur.

Isn't this about sex?
Originally Posted by Jessica Alana View Post

Are you offering?!
are you entertaining offers?
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