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The Sexually Frustrated Club

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anybody else in?>
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Well, I've been single for, there ya go. lol
Originally Posted by mayuko View Post

there's a good possibility i could leave this club soon. rejoice
*scoots in for the story*
Originally Posted by IamJen View Post

lol @ rose. Last Sunday, after a couple of days of raging hormones, I relax and decide to spend some time at the beach.

So..I'm walking a few blocks to catch a bus that will take me to said beach. As I'm waiting to cross the main drag, I'm standing there with a lady a couple years older than me, and a group of 4-5 teenybopper girls. This firetruck pulls up to the light right in front of us, heading back to the station 'round the corner. The two firefighters in back (one very Paul Walkeresque) decide to use this particular moment to change their shirts. The gal next to me can only mutter "oh my God". The girls giggle. I'm thinking inside "Are you kidding me? The gods are messing with my head."
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-splashes everyone in cold water-

i think the frustration is making people insane!

anyway, yeah. i'm still a member.
Originally Posted by Tofu-N-Sprouts View Post

Dating a vegan is basically the best thing that's ever happened to me! I had no idea the difference his lifestyle, food choices and attitudes would make!!

But wait... what am I posting in THIS thread for?
Originally Posted by froggythefrog View Post

I haven't had any for 3 minutes. I am frustrated!

(i've not been kissed by a veg*n, either)
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Originally Posted by chiaraluna View Post

I am the Queen of Sexual Frustration.

Now bow to me.
You may have some competition!
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i'm inactive but not frustrated, too.

life is bizarre.
i am going to become an old maid!

-just checking in-
i wonder who has been without for the longest.
Originally Posted by MZCsmpsns View Post

Glad someone thinks it's funny..... LOL

I swear I'm the only one on here who's REALLY frustrated.... eveyones all like "ooo i might get some this wkend.." etc... while I'm all like... "ooo i'm so not getting any for the next who knows how many MONTHS"... (yes months...*sigh*)
i'm in the same houseboat, though mine goes passed months.
Originally Posted by vegicat View Post

Probably too late to join this club, eh?

I might win. Mid-divorce, and haven't had sex of the non-alone variety for over 2 years now.

Even if there weren't massively other reasons for the divorce, certainly this would be one of them?


welcome to the club!
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Originally Posted by Trueveggie14 View Post

Aww... thank you Anthony.

I'm getting worried that I will end up reaching the 2 yr mark. *shivers* 2 yrs no sex... it's disgusting!!!
4 here.
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i came here by way of the slut thread.

go figure.

yeah, i'm still in the club.
Originally Posted by Blazin_Gwen View Post

Has any of you gone as long as me without sex? It's been 15 months. But it's by choice.
as long and longer. and going...and going....i'm the complete opposite of the energizer bunny.
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