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anybody else in?>
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Ask your friendly local rasta which people always ask if their ganja was grown with fish emulsion or not.

It would be a classic story to tell the grandkids.

"How did you and grandpa meet?"

"I bought him from my pot dealer"
Originally Posted by shyvegan View Post

Wondering whether any VEGAN girl in the age bracket 21-31 around london would be interested in mutual satisfaction?
Boy, when you decided to only eat vegan you went all the way!
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Originally Posted by Werewolf Girl View Post

it doesn't make sex impossible or anything but it hurts when I bend in certain ways
Isnt this how yoga was invented?

Be creative and use whatever posture doesnt hurt
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Its not that unusual
You dont think zucchini were bred to look like that by accident do you? ;)
lol, the nearest veg*n meetup is 101 miles from me.
The great nation of Albania would easily fit between me and them!
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