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anybody else in?>
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Envy, have you tried I was on there briefly and was contacted by quite a few women who just wanted to bang, even though I indicated I wanted a relationship. Maybe it it had something to do with the city where I was living at the time, but I definitely got the feeling that it was a hookup site before I deleted my profile. (And I really didn't post very clear or flattering pics.)
Wonder if any two people here live close enough to help each other get out of the club.
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Originally Posted by Envy View Post

Probably, ain't the case for me though, considering that I live in Sweden.
Time to move, bro.
Originally Posted by Suezo View Post

Hi all. Been two months. Argh.
Three now. Double Argh.
If only I were into casual sex....

My refusal to have sex outside of a relationship is essentially a form of self-inflicted torture.
Going on 8 months without sex. 8. Months.

Male seeking female for adult fun ;)
1 - 7 of 4694 Posts
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