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anybody else in?>
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I'd like to find a vegan who is 420 friendly. :3
I just want to cuddle with another vegan. I want love not just sex. I never had any good experiences anyway
Honestly hope that if I find someone, they won't have a high sex drive because I'd rather just cuddle. And that they know about clits and how important it is... Oh and foreplay. Obviously. :p

I can't see myself being fine being in a relationship with a non-vegan. I don't want to fake being happy with my partner, I want to mean it. And I want to be able to rant about how ****ed up the world is with them. Can't really do that with a non-vegan, because they might get offended. It's bad enough having a non vegan family who likes to fish and hunt. Even if I wanted to, it wouldn't work in the long run unless they're willing to change.
I'm surprised, but I'm more sexually frustrated being in a relationship than being single, because my sex drive is higher than his. This isn't supposed to happen right? Girls are supposed to be the ones less interested in sex, but it feels like forever until next time.
1 - 3 of 4694 Posts
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