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The Sexually Frustrated Club

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anybody else in?>
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Hi, my name is Pav, and I'm sexually frustrated. It's been many months since my last nookie.
Hi. It's me again. Still frustrated. Considering wearing a low-cut top and parading around the warehouse tomorrow. Ok, not really, but the thought did cross my mind.
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ummmmmm *cough* well. i'm out
Sure, sure, rub it in.

Good for you. Who's next?
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lol @ rose. Last Sunday, after a couple of days of raging hormones, I relax and decide to spend some time at the beach.

So..I'm walking a few blocks to catch a bus that will take me to said beach. As I'm waiting to cross the main drag, I'm standing there with a lady a couple years older than me, and a group of 4-5 teenybopper girls. This firetruck pulls up to the light right in front of us, heading back to the station 'round the corner. The two firefighters in back (one very Paul Walkeresque) decide to use this particular moment to change their shirts. The gal next to me can only mutter "oh my God". The girls giggle. I'm thinking inside "Are you kidding me? The gods are messing with my head."
I second that
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Nah, I was getting a LOT more action at 16 than I am now.
Wait, I'm seriously committed to trying to get out of the club. Does that mean I can't be a member?
I know I'm not disgusting, just have no freaking privacy! I could think of a couple of booty calls, but I doubt my kids would understand.
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Very frustrated
very lonely
full-fledged member of this damn club for at least another 8 weeks.....
Ok, but you have an end in sight to your frustration. It's not the same!
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