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anybody else in?>
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Stay positive guys!

You never know when the one is coming!

I met my wife on the most unexpected night in a trip to a foreign country.

I was staying in a hostel with my friend. It was 3am in the morning, and i decided to head to the hall to get a drink. Bed was hard and it was tough to sleep.

I saw this pretty girl who is still alone in the common are writing her diary. If it was during the day time, i would have just enjoy her beauty and walked by.

But since its 3 in the morning, i though. What the heck. I sat down beside her and popped up some chessy pick up line.

And now we have been together for 10 years :)

So never give up, it only takes one to make it right. :)
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Awwww!! 😍😍😍
Thanks for the likes guys!

Looking back to the situational so many years later, so many things could have gone differently that day, but the stars just seemed to aligned that night. :)
1 - 2 of 4694 Posts
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