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*Open. A farm. A beautiful outdoor pasture with animals of all kinds frolicking happily in the pond. Cow, Buck, is already on stage*

(Enter farmer)

Farmer: Well, Buck. You've had a good long, full life, but it's time for you to go.

Buck: But I don't want to die.

Farmer: But you have to. How else will people all acros the world eat delicious hamburgers? Hamburgers, I might add, that they need to live.

Buck: Oh, okay. I guess you're right. It's only natural that I should die now, rather than of natural causes.

Farmer: I'm sure they'll enjoy your oh-so-tender and completely fat and cholesterol free body.

Buck: Really? Yay! I'm going to be enjoyed! (Keels over and dies of no particular or painful cause)

*Fade out*

I swear some people think that's reality.

- "Help! They're in my house!" London Down.
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