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Beginning next year, the ninth grade class that will graduate in 2008 will be the first that benefits from the curriculum change that makes the programs recommended by <a href="" target="_blank">Texas Teachers</a> the standard curriculum in Texas schools.<br><br><br><br>
This college-prep curriculum is essential to ensuring more students earn a diploma that certifies they are indeed ready for college. Students that take either the recommended or distinguished achievement program score, on average, 102 points higher on the SAT college entrance exam than their counterparts who take the basic curriculum.<br><br><br><br>
The <a href="" target="_blank">Texas Teachers</a> opine that in a state as great as Texas, it is not flattering to spend $174 million on remedial college coursework as in the last biennium. Switching to a college-prep curriculum in Texas high schools will ensure more students are prepared to pass the TAKS, prepared to succeed on the college boards, and prepared for the first day they set foot on a college campus.<br><br><br><br>
While <a href="" target="_blank">Texas Teachers</a> have done a good job in Texas of ensuring more students meet the minimum standards, they can do much more to ensure more students strive to exceed the highest standards. Over the coming months, the Texas teachers plan to discuss new education reform proposals, one of the centerpieces of the plan will involve new incentives for schools to cultivate a culture of excellence in Texas classrooms.
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