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Escape to a land where there is no war, no starvation, no death. A land with no objectives to complete, no competition, no language barrier.

This is an awesome game/screensaver.

What do you do?

You are a stag.

Explore. Relax. Run around the forest. Greet other deer. Change your horns/color. Communicate with physical emotes only. Your name is a symbol.

The Endless Forest is a social screensaver, a virtual place where you can play with your friends. When your computer goes to sleep you appear as a deer in this magical place. There are no goals to achieve or rules to follow. You just steer your deer through the forest and see what happens.

Currently The Endless Forest consists of a forest, a mysterious ruin, a lovely pond and as many deer as there are players at any given time. You can play the game anonymously but we encourage you to name your deer so other players can recognize you.

Although not goal-oriented, there are several activities that you can engage in. Nothing very demanding or violent. Just fun things to do in a nice environment.

Once every so often, the forest deities will appear, either in person or through their divine powers. Beware of falling rocks and sudden showers!

Over the course of the following years, we will add many things to The Endless Forest. Some may indeed be slightly game-like while others simply pretty or poetic. For an idea of our general plans, look here. But we invite you to play the game and make suggestions of your own in our forum.'s peacefull. really peacefull.
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