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My maternial grandfather is gone now, but if he were alive today, he would have given me lots and lots of hassles about being vegetarian with tacky comments, all kinds of questions, maybe even a mention or two about now "unnatural" it is. Then, when he realized that I was serious and not about to back down, he would defend my desision to the bitter end as if it were his own and bite the head off of anyone that said a thing about it. That was the kind of man he was and I miss him terribly.

My grandmother on Dad's side never liked us kids (through no fault of our own) so it wouldn't have mattered if I called myself a vegetarain, a vegan, a vulcan, a vaccuum, or a vavacious volleyball vying for votes. She wouldn't have cared in the least. To her, it would have been just one more "bad" thing that has happened since her Bubba married "that fallen woman".
She's gone now, too.

My grandmother on my mother's side and my grandfather on my father's side both died long before I was born, so I have no idea how they would have reacted. If I were to guess based on what I've heard about them over the years, I would say that my maternal grandmother would have thought it was wonderful and would have been truely fascinated with every aspect of it and my paternal grandfather would have condemmed me as the worst sinner in the world and would have told me regularly that God hates me because of what I eat and don't eat.
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