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The Color of My Skin...

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Questions! First off, I'm very pale, but I love it! The thing that irks me is that my skin is multi-colored. I have a yellowish undertone to my skin, my whole family does, but I have a lot of redness too. My legs have little red spots all over them, but they aren't raised, they don't itch, and they never go away. My ankles tend to get kind of purple, too. My face has a lot of redness around me cheekbones and my eyebrows. Is there anything that maybe I'm eating or using that could cause these issues? I use only Dove or Ivory soap, and never on my face... but as far as eating goes, my skin is so weird with eczema that I've never been able to find out what causes it.

I'm just curious to see if anything I'm using or ingesting could be causing my skin to redden so much.
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Is your nose red? The redness on your cheekbones makes me think of rosacea. I have it and it colors my entire nose and the tops of both cheekbones.
No, my nose is only red if I'm cold or if I have a cold.
it seems like it might be underlying your the veins are very close to the surface, so you always look "red". im this way myself in the summer... except i dont have the yellow undertones. your vessels dilate in response to heat (its your bodys way of cooling) or hot spicy foods and caffeine can do this also.

just a thought.
LucidAnne, you hit the nail on the head! My veins are actually VERY close to the surface; they are very visible thoughout most of my body. I didn't know that could cause the redness though! Thanks!
no prob.

i know if you have spider veins, around your ankles, for example, laser can possibly help. but otherwise, we ladies must grin and bear it. grrr.
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