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The Blu-Ray Thread

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Does anyone else do Blu-ray?

I bought a Blu-ray player a year or so ago, specifically because I wanted to see the restored version of How the West Was Won. (It was worth it.) Of the thousands of titles released on Blu-ray, I'm finding relatively few that I want to own. It seems they're not marketing to the old fogey set. Among the films I have now:

The African Queen
Apollo 13
The Bridge on the River Kwai
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Cool Hand Luke
Fly Away Home
For a Few Dollars More
North By Northwest
Rio Bravo
The Shawshank Redemption
T-2: Judgement Day
(Not a complete list.)

Anybody else? What Blu-ray disks do you have?
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i have a ps3. i recommend checking out the really excellent criterion collection blurays.
you definately want to see Solaris and The Double Life of Veronique.

stop buying them. it is better to use a dvd by mail netflix type service.

It seems they're not marketing to the old fogey set.
i do think the quality is better when it's going digital to digital rather than film to digital. i have the star wars trilogy, casino royale, dances with wolves. just a few movies that i bother with owning and a few more given as gifts.
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I have a dial-up connection, so Netflix isn't a viable option.
i'm not referring to netflix streaming. i'm talking about the original disc by mail service that my grandma uses.

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What am I missing? With movies, I thought it all originates on film.
no. there is now widespread acceptance of digital cinematography.

image quality going from an analogue process of silver halide crystals of varying sizes and shapes to uniform pixels is going to suffer more compared to just than pixels to pixels. if you got a good display and a good player you will see the film grain and that is good. it's just the nature of the thing.

ETA: this is kind of techy and really what you should do is just rent a few really visually stunning films on bluray.

The Fall.
The Fountain.
Chungking Express.

pisses me off that there is no peter greenaway in bluray.
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