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The Big Breakfast (miss bacon & eggs?)

Category: Breakfast

Suitable for a: vegetarian diet



Organic eggs, 2 per person

skim milk

salt & pepper

extra-virgin olive oil

1 can of baked beans with sweet chilli sauce

2 soy sausages

tomatoes, 2 per person

mushrooms, 2 per person

1-2 onions

minced garlic

oven-bake hashbrowns, 1 per person

grainy bread, 1 slice per person

butter or spread



Make scrambled eggs with eggs, skim milk, salt & pepper and half a teaspoon of olive oil in non-stick or cast iron pan. Keep warm.

Slice soy sausages, add to microwave pot with lid with baked beans, heat for 3 - 4 minutes in high to medium-high.

Slice tomatoes, mushrooms and onion. Saut'e with half a teaspoon olive oil and two teaspoons minced garlic.

Warm hashbrowns in grill. Toast grainy bread, spread with butter or spread.

Serve all together while still warm. Serve with orange, tomato or veggie juice.

Additional comments:


This recipe will be a good replacement for a traditional cooked big breakfast which may have included bacon or sausages. Tried and tested on carnivores. Rated excellent.
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