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What are the best movies you have ever watched ?

I don't like top 10 because i find that they are often similars and a lot of rare jewels are missed, so here is a few ( yes, trust me it's just a few ) of my favorites. Nothing too old though cause no one ever likes my old movies pfff

So no limit, no classification, just throw whatever you have in your head.

Good Will Hunting, my all time favorite
20 000 leagues under the sea, disney kirk douglas version
a chinese odissey, part 1 and 2, stephen chow version
barry lindon, masterwork but sad
mutiny on the bounty, one of my favourites movies, marlon brando version
dances with wolves, music, scenery, epic
Indiana jones and the last crusade, adventure
jason and the argounauts, cult classic
the man who would be king
slumdog millionaire, a movie that got the something special
the duellists, awesome masterwork
the last of the mohicans, epic, history, music, scenery
the mysterious geographic explorations of jasper morello, original, graphics
the great escape, masterwork
forest gump, classic
the aristocats, classic
nausicaa, classic
ferngully the last rainforest, the first animation i remember, ecology and fairies
ghost in the shell
robin hood the disney animation
waltz with bashir, war serious animation
cool runnings, good comedy
attack of the killer tomatoes, the "scary movie" of its times, you need references
a scene at the sea, awesome masterwork by the awesome master kitano
ed wood, best masterwork of tim burton and johnny depp
goodbye lenin, german masterwork around the berlin wall, history sociology comedy
groundhog day, classic
my wife is a gangster 1 and 2, incredibe mix of action, comedy and serious
the princess bride, my name is ningo montoya, you killed my dather, prepare to die
the boat that rocked, definitely a good original movie
cashback, poetry
gremlins, cult classic
hearts in atlantis, beauty
powder, every vegan will love this beauty
willow, one of my favorites, i would appreciate the opinion of those anti LOTR
das boot, everything is in the title
battle in seatle, bad, horribly bad, but the subjet is good
el cid, perhaps the most epic movie ever
hotel rwanda should be watched by everyone
mary queen of the scots
the hidden fortress is a good samurai movie
avalon, love it or hate it
dune, but the book is thousands times better
pi, only if you want something different. If you love it, watch also eraserhead
soylent green classic
bicentenial man, best robin williams ever, and good adptation of asimov's novels
casablanca, cult classic
planet of the apes, th tv serie of 74 of course, cult classic
shogun, the tv serie with chamberlain,
my sassy girl, one of the best comedies ever
seven pounds, beauty
the lake house, love story, best keanu reeves except perhaps little buddha
the inn of 6th hapiness, war, beauty, hope
cat people, the 42 version
brother, best yakuza kitano masterwork
crying freeman if you want an action movie
doctor zhivago
gorillas in the myst, the books is good too
lost in translation, love it or hate it
run lola run love it or hate it
shaolin soccer very nice comedy
the deer hunter
the bear, everyone one this forum will love it
cyborg girl,
the way home
capitain conan, french war movie
la haine, french classic
love exposure, one of my favourites, 4 hours long ( short version), definitely a masterpiece
peaceful warrior, but the book is thousands time better
the vikings
les tontons flingueurs french classic
clerks, love this cult classic

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The Big Hit (I can't even say why for sure, but I really like this movie)
Seven Samurai
金陵十三 钗, jingling 13 chai, I forgot the English name, completely different than the Chinese translation. It's a brand new movie about the Nanjing Massacre.
Saw a lot of my favorites on your list as well.

Arrrg! Me mateys.
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I also like Seven Pounds, Dogma, and Groundhog Day. Some I can think of off the top of my head:

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
The Truman Show
Dear Zachary
Lilo & Stitch
I Love You Phillip Morris
One Hour Photo
Saving Private Ryan
The Lion King
Session 9

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Originally Posted by Puppet Master View Post

I also like Seven Pounds, Dogma, and Groundhog Day.
Me too.

Memento- so different and mind ****ing
Equilibrium - best action movie ever
The Crow- only movie with a love story that I enjoyed. Payback's a *****.
Little Miss Sunshine- everything about this move was great
Saved!- very realistic IMO

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Originally Posted by fadeaway1289 View Post

Equilibrium - best action movie ever
Interesting. It definitely had some gaping flaws (and I'm talking about the nature of emotion, not the gun kata thing. I certainly don't judge action movies by their realism), but I appreciate the concept they tried to tackle. I'd say it's an underrated movie at the very least.

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American Splendor
The Princess Bride
Apocalypse Now
A Clockwork Orange
One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest
Sling Blade
Good Will Hunting
The Squid and the Whale
Ghost World
Do the Right Thing
Chasing Amy
Music Within
Talk to Me
Dead Poets Society
Full Metal Jacket
Saving Private Ryan
Patriot Act: A Jeffrey Ross Home Movie
After Innocence
Body of War
There Will Be Blood
Hamburger Hill
Boondock Saints
The Departed
The Big Lebowski
Back to the Future
The Breakfast Club

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Originally Posted by rags. View Post

The Fountain is my favourite film of all time. Nothing else comes close to ever taking that spot.
Some of my other absolute favourites:

American History X
Girl, Interrupted
Fight Club
21 Grams
The Crow
Interview With The Vampire
The Matrix
From Hell

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Originally Posted by krispex22 View Post

Oh i forgot back to the future. I Love michael j fox
I always thought "The Frighteners" was very unappreciated lol. I like that kind of comedy.

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casablanca, cult classic
not sure if that's a cult classic lol. just a classic

My list is going to be a lot shorter than yours, op. I don't fall in love easily.

3 Iron. Korean film by Ki Duk Kim (The Isle, Spring Summer Fall Winter, Samaritan Girl). My favorite by this Director, noted for making films with scarce dialogue, great cinematography, and contemplative pacing.

Ponyo. By Japanese animator Miyazaki. Probably his simplest film to date (in terms of plot, character character motivation, and theme), it's a great film for a rainy day (or just when you're having a bad day).

Kiki's Delivery Service. Another by Miyazaki (I swear I'm not a weeaboo, these are just really great films). Great film about adolescence and about how moving forward in life often means losing something valuable and irreplaceable (and that's it's not always for the best). Disney was bothered enough by this that they tried to neuter this theme when they dubbed it for an american audience.

There Will Be Blood. Just an obscenely good film. Easily one of the best American films made in the last decade. In 50 years this film will still be notable.

Woman in the Dunes. Stylistically powerful, Teshigahara's best collaboration with Kobo Abe. About an entomologist out collecting bugs is a desert when local inhabitants trick him into what is essentially a large sand pit with a house in it. He and the widow living in the house have to continually dig sand from the pit so they aren't buried alive.

Mulholland Dr. In my opinion, Lynche's best and most complete film. Similar to Inland Empire, but with much better production values and a narrative structure that better establishes the characters and world.

Bullet Ballet. One of the best examples of how skillful filming and editing can create a powerfully stylized and psychologically intense film. After a man's wife commits suicide he becomes obsessed with finding and then building (because buying guns in his country is illegal) the gun she used and then using it for his own revenge.

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And here are some recent films that I've thought were very good:

Triangle: A mindf*ck film in a similar vein as TimeCrimes (which is also very good). Just a fun film that's a bit clever.

Eat the Sun: Very good, personal documentary about the act of sun gazing (staring into the sun for incrementally longer periods of time). It's proprietors claim all sorts of health benefits and the diminished need for food. It's a strangely beautiful film at moments and brings up all sorts of questions about the nature of belief, about believing in something that others think is ridiculous, and that makes you an outcast in the process(in this sense it should be of particular interest to vegetarians).

Impeach the gangster
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Originally Posted by vegan cyberpunk View Post

20 000 leagues under the sea, disney kirk douglas version
Originally Posted by rags. View Post

Girl, Interrupted
Originally Posted by Forster View Post

For a Few Dollars More
^^Great films.^^

Some others:
Up the Down Staircase
Zefferelli's Romeo and Juliet
The Bridge on the River Kwai
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