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I have no idea why the UK seems to lag so far behind other countries with this issue.
Me neither. To be fair I haven't seen any children being hit in public here (although I'm sure it happens and I have seen them being yelled at), but when I l was in France I was in H & M and saw a woman beat her child (who looked between 9 and 11) around the head and shoulders with her hands, screaming at her while the poor kid just cried. I thought it was absolutely shocking but I wasn't sure what to do about it- I spoke to the store staff but they said it was normal and what can you do. In the UK I would have called the police as I think hitting a child's head is forbidden even if spanking isn't.

To me spanking is assault plain and simple and if we wouldn't be happy if an adult was assaulted without their consent, why doesn't it concern us when it's happening to a child?
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