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Nowadays, Tea has become an important beverage in people's life. As we all known, we will feel very relaxed when we drink a cup of tea, besides, always drinking tea is good for the health. For centuries, Tea has always been regarded as one of the most popular health drinks, and more scientific research has proved that tea has some health benefits

All of teas, such as Oolong Tea, Black Tea, White Tea and Green Tea contain some of polyphenol, especially catechins. ( Polyphenol is one kind of antioxidants ). A recent study by Shandong University in China showed that tea has the effect of ease depression. In addition, many well-known research institutes have shown that drinking tea has many benefits to the body, such as enhancing the body's immunity, lowering blood pressure, slowing down aging, relieving fatigue, relieving stress and make people relaxed, it also has the effect of weight loss.

Among all of black tea, my favorite is Jin Jun Mei, which is one of the most famous tea in China. I like its sweet taste. On the morning, I will drink a glass of it, which make me full of energy. I also drink it after work, it will make me very relaxed and comfortable.

About the types of black tea, mainly include: Jin Jun Mei, Lapsang Souchong, Yunnan Dianhong, Keemun Black Tea, Jasmine Black tea, etc.

Do you like tea? and what kind of tea do you drink the most?

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