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Taking vegan supplements.

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Salutations, everyone! I'm Tues and I recently went cold turkey back to a vegan diet (and I am working on the ethical changes), but in doing so I got a quick reminder that I'm not used to cooking/baking (yet).

My question main question is: Do you think it's okay to take supplements while I learn to make nutritionally balanced meals for myself? Especially because I have an almost non-existent appetite, but I'm trying to (slowly, but surely) eat more.

Regardless, I have to take an iron supplement, because I had a blood test two days before going vegan again and I have a low blood count and low iron stores. So, there's one that I temporarily have to take a supplement for. I've already ordered that a few other vitamins.

So, while I work on those things I should be good to take supplements, right? I can't remember what they're all called off the top of my head, but I do have an iron supplement and B 12 supplement that I ordered.

Which leads to my last question, even when I am able to make better meals for myself, I still need a B 12 supplement, correct?
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Yes it's okay to supplement, and yes you still need B12.....B12 is the only one you need for sure AFAIK
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Nothing wrong with taking supplements, particularly during the transition stage.
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