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Unless you do already, learn how to cook! Find some good recipe books. I don't really know much about central Nebraska, but if there are "fancy" ingredients/foods you can't easily get there (hummus, tofu, seitan, vegetarian cheese ....), then learn how to make them from scratch.

If you live in a suitable area, maybe you can even grow some food yourself? It's a good and satisfying feeling, knowing that you're able to feed yourself.

Even if you think there are no other vegetarians in your area, make an effort to look for them. Online is probably easier, but real-life is also possible. If another vegetarian passed you in the street or in the grocery store, would they be able to tell you're a fellow vegetarian? Consider getting a discrete badge or something so you stand out (but not too much - you don't want to be lynched by the cattleman's association

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