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So I'm going off to college next fall. I'm hoping to be living in an apartment a few hours away. I got my cat, Rudolf
(Rudy) when I was six or seven and we have grown very close over the years. I can't leave my house without saying goodbye to him and he wakes up and greets me everytime i get home, followed by him making me carry him around for hours
. During the day when I'm at school my mom says he'll go in my hamper or find some of my clothes to roll around in because it smells like me. He has even mastered opening my bedroom door so he can sleep with me everynight. I always thought I would take him to collage with me when I was younger, but about five years ago he was hit by a car, he was ok hes just skidish now and i think its slowly getting better. So I'm not sure if I should take him or not. He would have a fine home here with my parents but I know that animals get really depressed when there not wth their owners and its really sad. With his skidishness i dont know how he'll do with the move. I guess it will depend if the apartment will acept animals and about my roommate...any anything?
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