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Sword of the New World

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Anyone play (or currently playing) this game?

Just thought I would see if anyone played, and what you thought about it. I'm thinking of portioning some game-time into my schedule, and yeah . . . I might go back to playing WoW, but before I do that I'm looking around a bit
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wow. . .

So I haven't really started playing quite yet - I'm just enjoying the art and music.

The game is centered around baroque. Architecture, attire, and music. It is quite splendid. I don't believe I've ever just sat and listened to background music for several loops before actually doing anything in the level.

It's free, so if you're a fan of baroque, I would recommend that much of it.
If anyone gets online, my character is Augur Seraphel - I'm currently just watching the sun set over the docks, listening to the beautiful strings and piano, sipping french pressed dark roasted premium coffee (this one in RL).


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