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I've been having digestive problems especially since my gall bladder was taken out in 2006. Weightloss, diarhea, vomiting, infections and fatigue. After working with my dr and seeing a specialist, they've concluded I'm not processing meats and fats properly. I saw a nutritionist and don't do well one on one in person like that. I nodded my head and waited for my first opportunity to duck out of there. So I've been spending the weekend reading low fat and vegetarian dishes.

I don't have any crisis of conscience eating meats, but I've never been a fan of the flavour. My favourite foods are fresh breads, curries, crusts, plums, grapefruit, cherries, pomegranite, strawberries, blackberries and oranges. My meal plans usually revolve around the picky eaters. My husband and oldest child love meat. My middle child doesn't like pizza, it's the only thing he turns his nose up at. My youngest child just turned 3 years old likes food. He's big for his age but healthy and doesn't turn food down (greatly appreciated by me). My children and I don't need to lose any weight, but my husband needs to lose 20lbs. He's agreed to switch to vegetarian but is requesting low calorie meals.

A couple of us nut allergies. My daughter will eat curries and chili's as long as they are mild. I usually pull her's out early and add more spice to the rest of ours.

Our diet is pretty varied, I'm just not used to cooking without meat. My initial reaction was substitute meat with tofu with varied outcomes. My husband and boys will eat my disastrous experiments but me and my daughter can't choke it back. Tofu quesadilla was a win. And so was tofu substituting butter chicken, but I think it's probably high in calories. We shalln't speak of the disasters.

I've looked at some recipes online and I have to say a lot of them look pretty gross. It's tempting to make my usual recipes and cut the meat out but I'm guessing I'd lack protein and iron.

It's looking more complicated constantly and I can cook well enough, I'm just not willing to make multiple meals for each person.

At the very least, we're a healthy snack family and no issues there.

I'm hoping reading around on here I'll find others who've tried to navigate similar waters. Wow! That was a word vomit, sorry about that. I suppose word vomit is an honest introduction.
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